How to unlock forgotten pattern android | If you miss and forget the mobile pattern, unlock it like this

How to unlock forgotten pattern android | If you miss and forget the mobile pattern, unlock it like this

Hello everyone. Everyone installs pattern lock or pin lock on their smartphones for Android mobile safety. We contain a lot of personal information in our smart phone. For this, we lock the phone by putting a pin or pattern on our phone. But many times we forget the PIN or pattern we put in the phone. At that time we also put questions on “How to Unlock Forgotten Android Phone Pattern Lock”. In this article, 2 effective methods to unlock Android will be mentioned. For all similar information click here to join our telegram channel now all information is given below please read completely.

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If you have forgotten your phone’s unlock pattern, follow this procedure:

Method 1: Unlock Forgotten Android- Lock Pattern with Tenorshsre 4ukey.
For Android-Tenorshre 4uKey is the best Android pattern unlocker software that helps to remove pattern lock on Android devices in few minutes. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download the software.

Step 2: Connect your phone with your computer and wait until the phone is detected by the tool.

Step 3: Select Remove Screen Lock Interference.

Step 4: Select the first option – Remove screen lock for most Android devices and click on the start button.

Step 5: The software prepares the data and sends the package to the phone.

Step 6: Then 4uKey will send a pop-up notification that 4uKey will delete the password removal data. Click Yes.

Step 7: Finally, the software will remove the forgotten pattern lock from your Android device.

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So you can unlock your forgotten lock pattern with tenorshare 4uKey

Method 2: Unlock pattern using Android Device Manager.
Android device manager or Google find my device. This method works for all Android phones as long as you are logged in to your Google account.

Step 1: Download the official Google find my device app and then login.

Step 2: On the home page, you will see your Google account linked and their location on the map.

Step 3: Click on ERASE DEVICE on the left panel and enter your password to erase the device.

Step 4: Click ERASE again, this will reset your smartphone and remove the lock pattern.
So you can unlock your forgotten lock pattern by Google find my device.

Above two methods will help you to unlock your phone again if you forget your phone pattern. Hope you find this article useful, please share this article with such good information to all your friends and relatives immediately, thanks.

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