Solar Stove Scheme 2023

Solar Stove Scheme Govt Free Solar Stove Scheme 2023: Lasts 10 Years, Everyone Gets Apply Today.

Relief from expensive gas for common people. Free Solar Stove Released by Govt.! Money to your account immediately after the purchase

Hello friends, today’s article is a warm welcome to all of you, LPG price is increasing in the country due to the common man’s budget getting worse. Common people are also facing a lot of trouble, the government has made a special stove to get relief from inflation. State-owned oil company Indian Oil Corporation has launched a solar stove called Surya Nutan. How to use it, and what is its benefit? We will give you complete information about Ennuvu in this article, read till the end without missing.

Solar Stove Scheme

Free Solar Stove:
It does not require gas to run.

You can get rid of cooking gas by bringing home this new stove from Indian Oil Corporation, as the stove requires solar energy to run. Recently Surya Nutan Solar Stove was organized in the presence of the Union Minister.

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It is developed and designed by the Research and Development Center of Engine Oil, Faridabad. Indian Oil also got a patent for this stove. This stove will be available in the market very soon.

No problem keeping it in sunlight.

Surya Nutan is different from solar cookers or other solar cookers and its special feature is that it does not need to be exposed to sunlight. This stove has 2 types and the cooking unit can be placed inside the kitchen, while the second type is placed in the sun. That means there is no problem with keeping it in the sun and removing it.

Food can be prepared at night.

Surya Nutan Solar Stove is a rechargeable stove and can comfortably cook food when there is no sunlight. That means there is no problem with cooking at night. When there is sunlight, it stores energy and can use it later.

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Know the purchase price and process.

Surya Nutan Solar Stove starts at Rs 12,000, while the top variant is priced at Rs 23,000. According to reports, the government may provide subsidies in the form of grants for its promotion. Currently, it is not available for sale in the market, but you will be able to buy it from a petrol pump or Indian Oil Gas Agency.

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Key Points: Solar Stove Scheme 2023

  • Surya Nutan is a stationary, rechargeable and always kitchen-connected indoor solar cooker.
  • Surya Nutan offers an online cooking mode while charging through the sun, which increases system efficiency and ensures maximum energy utilization from the sun.
  • The Surya Nutan has a detachable heat control assembly to release the energy required for cooking.
  • Surya Nutan works in hybrid mode (ie can work on both solar and auxiliary power sources simultaneously) which makes Surya Nutan a reliable cooking solution.
  • Surya Nutan’s insulation design minimizes radiant and conductive heat loss.
  • Surya Nutan has the ability to cook food by boiling, steaming, frying and baking rotis.
  • Surya Nutan is available in three different models, Surya Nutan L for suntime cooking, Surya Nutan LD for lunch and dinner and Surya Nutan LDB for cooking all three meals for a family of four.
  • Surya Nutan can be used in all climates and seasons, including when the sun is not available for long periods of time or for continuous days like monsoons and severe winters.
  • All safety features required in any indoor appliance are incorporated in Surya Nutan.
  • Surya Nutan is a low or no maintenance system and the product has a long shelf life.
  • Surya Nutan is a modular system that can be designed in different sizes as per requirement
  • The time required for cooking in Surya Nutan is comparable with the time taken when cooking using LPG.
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What are the 2 disadvantages of solar cookers?

  • Solar energy is not available everywhere and all the time.
  • Cooking takes more time.
  • The direction of the solar cooker should be changed to face the sun in real time.
  • It cannot be used to cook anything.

Conclusion – free Solar Stove 2023

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