Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live


Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live:

Chandrayaan-3 Landing Live News Updates: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists launched Chandrayaan-3 on July 14. Scientists have been sitting watching its movements for 40 long days. Indians stand on tiptoe to see the Vikram lander land on Chandra’s south pole today. Up-to-the-moment information about this is available on TV9 Digital

23 Aug 2023 04:50 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: Vikram Lander to Land on the Moon Soon: PM Modi Watched Virtually
Vikram Lander will land on the Moon’s courtyard soon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a tour of South Africa, will observe the process virtually.

23 Aug 2023 04:46 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: ISRO learns from mistakes
Mistakes always teach a lesson. Having learned from past mistakes, ISRO has taken adequate precautions to ensure a smooth landing of Chandrayaan-3 in the lunar orbit, said Satyanarayan, Senior Scientist, CSIR.

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23 Aug 2023 04:28 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: Chandrayaan-3 is on its way to its mission
ISRO has informed that Chandrayaan-3 is on schedule for its mission. At an altitude of 30 km, the Vikram lander will begin power descent, covering a distance of 22.6 km in 690 seconds, to an altitude of 7.4 km, it said.

23 Aug 2023 03:55 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: Chandrayaan 3 image in Rangoli
An image of Chandrayaan 3 has been created in a rangoli by Dinesh, a resident of Shantinagar, Hubli. In this way, ISRO wished the scientists all the best by showing the rover in a colorful picture. In the premises of his house, Rover, Chandra and Devi have been photographed.

23 Aug 2023 03:39 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: Prepare to watch Chandrayaan 3 landing at Nehru Planetarium
The countdown to Chandrayaan 3 soft landing has started and preparations have been made to observe the landing at the Nehru Planetarium. More than 500 people are arriving at the planetarium and there will be a live viewing from 5:10 pm. Hence the Minister of Science and Technology NS Bose Raj has arrived at the Nehru Planetarium. He will watch with the public till the last scene.

23 Aug 2023 03:18 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: Bhajan for Chandrayaan success by kids
A special pooja was performed at the Raghavendra Swami Temple in Shahapura Nagar, Yadgiri for the success of Chandrayaan-3. Dipalankara was lit in the temple, Bhajans were chanted by small children and women.

23 Aug 2023 02:40 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: MP Sumalatha Wishes Chandrayaan 3 Success
Today is indeed a historic day. A proud day. The whole country is waiting for this day. Mandya MP Sumalatha said that she congratulates the ED ISRO team for making Chandrayaan 3 a success.

23 Aug 2023 02:31 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live: Special Pooja from Pejavar Shri for the success of Chandrayaan 3

23 Aug 2023 01:44 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing LIVE: Students worship the Vikram lander model
Chikkaballaphura: Students of Aeronautical Engineering and Aero Space Engineering of SJCIT College, Chikkaballaphura worshiped the Vikram lander model wishing Chandrayaan-3 a success. Rocket launcher, Vikram lander, Pragyan rover were made and worshiped and wished success to Chandrayaan-3.

23 Aug 2023 01:13 PM (IST)
Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing LIVE: Vikram Lander on Moon, Timing for Landing; ISRO tweet
All is ready for automatic landing sequence (ALS) initiation. The Lander Module (LM) is expected to arrive at the designated location around 5:44 PM. The live telecast of the operation will start from 5.20 pm. ISRO tweeted that the Vikram lander will touch Chandira at 6:04 PM.

23 Aug 2023 12:38 PM (IST)
Isro chandrayaan 3 live: Shobha Karandlaje wishes success till the end
Udupi: ISRO is the pride of India. ISRO has helped many countries in the world launch rockets. There was a time when ISRO did not have facilities and comfort. Everyone was talking about America’s NASA and Russia. Be the way the world celebrates India’s ISRO today

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