Rivot NX 100 e Scooti New Scooty with a range of 500 km on a single charge

Rivot NX 100 e Scooti: New Scooty with a range of 500 km on a single charge, book this scooter with low price

There are electric scooters in the market today. Yes, the demand for electric scooters is increasing in the country. Due to the rise in petrol prices, people are now buying electric cars. For this reason, the number of companies manufacturing electric vehicles is increasing. For all Govt schemes and Scholarship information click here to join our Telegram channel now

Rivot Motors Rivot Motors

Now in the market our Karnataka-based Rivot Motors has introduced several new scooters in India. This company is likely to emerge as a top electric two-wheeler (Two Wheel Electric Scooter) manufacturing company in the coming days. Why this company is so famous is that all the vehicles launched by this company have amazing features. Apart from that, the affordable price, advanced features are attracting the customers towards it. This is one of the reasons why people are turning to electric vehicles.


The Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter

The new electric scooter named NX100 launched by Rivot Motors is the company’s first electric scooter.
This electric scooter is available in five variants namely Classic, Pro, Max, Sports and Offlander.
Another important thing is that the price of this scooter also changes when it comes to its features and specifications.

This scooter can run 100 to 300 km on a single charge. Also, this electric scooter has features like smart dash camera, enhanced safety, touchscreen interface. The maximum speed of this scooter is 100 to 110 kilometers per hour. There is also an upgrade option to go 500 km.

Rivot NX 100 e Scooti New Scooty with a range of 500 km on a single charge
Rivot NX 100 e Scooti New Scooty with a range of 500 km on a single charge

Apart from that, all the variants of this scooter (Different Variants):

  • – Reverse gear
  • – Phone lock
  • – Phone connectivity
  • – Alloy wheels
  • – LED lights
  • It has unique features like


The company has given a variant varu range in this scooter. This scooter can be seen in 5 ways:

  1. The range of the classic variant is 100 km
  2. The range of the Pro variant is 200 km
  3. Range of max variant is 30 km
  4. The range of the sports variant is 200 km
  5. Top end variemut offlander range 300 to 500 km

Also the price of each of these variants is different range wise, its price is as follows:

  1. The price of the classic variant is Rs.89 thousand
  2. Pro variant is priced at Rs.1.29
  3. Max variant price is Rs.1.59 lakh
  4. The sports variant is priced at Rs. 1.39 lakh
  5. The top-end Offlander will be priced at Rs 1.89 lakh.

Launch date of this scooter:

The company has not yet announced the launch date of these electric scooters. But the company has already given the option of prebooking (Free Booking). All you have to do is freebooking this scooter on the company’s website. That means Rs. 499 can be booked.

If you are interested in free booking you can book by clicking on the following link


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