FID is Compulsory to Get All Govt Benefits Register Now for Drought Relief

FID is Compulsory to Get All Govt Benefits: Register Now for Drought Relief

Information is given about getting FID (unique farmer ID) for the farmers of the state. If you are a farmer, first check whether you have FID or not. Only if this is the case, the drought relief money will be credited to your bank account, and government facilities can be availed easily. Be aware that otherwise, you will not receive any money deposited into your bank account, and you will be deprived of the government benefits. All the necessary information is provided below, so please read it carefully.

What is FID?

First of all, you might be wondering what FID is. Similar to the Aadhaar card for common citizens, FID serves as an identity card for every farmer. Through this, farmers can access various government benefits. It is crucial for farmers to register under the Farmers Registration and Unified Beneficiary Information Systems (FRUITS) for information related to the agriculture department. This means that FID and FRUITS registration is already a requirement.

Consequences of Not Having FID

If a farmer is not registered with FID, they will be unable to avail government facilities. It is therefore essential for farmers to take the necessary steps to obtain their FID.

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Why is FID Mandatory?

By registering their agricultural land details on a single portal, farmers obtain an FID number and become eligible for government-provided benefits. The Kalaburagi Joint Director of Agriculture emphasizes that drought relief amounts are only deposited for farmers with FID in the Kalaburagi district. Those who have not yet obtained an FID will not receive drought relief or disease relief funds, as this money is directly transferred to the farmers’ bank accounts. Hence, obtaining FID is now compulsory.

Immediate Action Required

Farmers in the district who have not yet obtained FID should promptly visit their nearest General Service Center or Hobli Farmer Contact Center, or the Horticulture Department office. They should bring their Aadhaar Card, Pahani, Bank Pass Book, and their mobile number to complete their FID registration. Failure to do so will result in farmers being deprived of the compensation provided by the government.

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Obtaining an FID is a crucial step for farmers to access government benefits and relief funds. Without it, they risk missing out on financial assistance during times of drought or disease. Take action now and ensure you’re registered under the FRUITS system to secure your entitlements.


  1. What happens if a farmer does not obtain an FID?
    • Without an FID, a farmer will be unable to access government facilities and relief funds.
  2. Where can farmers go to register for an FID?
    • Farmers can visit their nearest General Service Center, Hobli Farmer Contact Center, or Horticulture Department office for FID registration.
  3. What documents are required for FID registration?
    • Farmers need to bring their Aadhaar Card, Pahani, Bank Pass Book, and mobile number for FID registration.
  4. Is FID registration a one-time process?
    • Yes, once a farmer obtains an FID, it serves as a permanent identity for accessing government benefits.
  5. Can farmers from other districts apply for an FID in Kalaburagi?
    • Yes, farmers from any district can register for an FID in Kalaburagi to become eligible for government benefits.
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