Important Days : April 2020

😷1st- Utkal Diwas
😷2nd- World Autism Awareness Day
😷4th- International Day of Mine Awareness
😷5th- National Maritime Day
😷7th- World Health Day
😷10th- World Homeopathy Day
😷11th- National Safe Motherhood Day+National Pet Day
😷13th- Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Day
😷17th- World Haemophilia Day
😷18th- World Heritage Day
😷19th- World Liver Day
😷21st- Secretaries’ Day+Civil Services Day
😷22nd- Earth Day
😷23rd- World Book and Copyright Day
😷24th- National Panchayti Raj Day
😷25th- World Malaria Day
😷26th- World Intellectual Property Day
😷27th- World Veterinary Day
😷28th- World Day for Safety and Health at Work
😷29th- International Dance Day
😷30th- Ayushman Bharat Diwas

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