post office saving Scheme If you invest only Rs 1500, you will get Rs 35 lakh, here is the information.

post office saving Scheme If you invest only Rs 1500, you will get Rs 35 lakh, here is the information.

It can be said that Post Office is the best option for saving schemes, especially Recurring Deposit (RD), for small savings. They have the security of government backing and also offer good interest rates. In these post office schemes, your money will grow safely, making it an attractive option for those who want to save their money and invest it wisely. Don’t miss out on these Post office schemes to secure your financial future. For all Government Schemes and scholarship information click here to join our Telegram channel now

Lakhs of profit with less investment:

Investors can deposit as low as Rs 1500 per month and can avail benefits up to Rs 35 lakh through this post office scheme. If you want to know how, read our detailed information.

Are you also thinking to invest in your small savings plan, where is it better to invest, where is it better to invest with trust and confidence, then you can make a good choice for your investment in the post office. It can be said that there is no better plan than Gram suraksha yojana in post office.

Gram suraksha yojana:

Yes, India Post now offers various investment opportunities. Also, investors can deposit as little as Rs 1500 per month and get a profit of up to Rs 35 lakh. This program is called ‘Grama suraksha yojana’ and it can be said to be very useful if you are below 19 years of age. Investors between the age of 19 to 55 years are eligible to participate in this scheme.

Gram suraksha yojana

  • If you start investing at the age of 19, under this ‘Gram suraksha yojana’, your monthly premium will be Rs 1515 for 55 years.
  • 1463 for 58 years will be Rs.
  • 1411 for 60 years will be Rs.
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After 55 years, the investor will get a maturity profit of Rs 31.60 lakh. If a person invests after 58 years, he will get a profit of Rs 33.40 lakhs. On the other hand, if the investment tenure is 60 years, the matured benefit will be Rs 34.60 lakh.
The minimum benefit of the scheme may be between Rs 10,000 and Rs 10 lakh. In case of death of the user the assured amount is handed over to the nominee or legal heir.

The premium of this investment scheme can be paid on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. In case of emergency, users are given 30 days grace time to pay the fee.

If the customer is willing to surrender the insurance after three years, they can do so. In this case they will not get any benefit. Remember that consumers are not recommended to abandon their policies until an emergency occurs.

If the client wants to change any personal details like e-mail address, phone number or nominee, he or she needs to contact the nearest post office.

So, if you are also thinking of saving a small amount, take advantage of this post office scheme immediately and if anything, this scheme can be said to be a good choice. Please share this very informative article with all your friends and relatives immediately, thanks.

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