Math phobia Causes and remedies Excellent 1

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what is math phobia?

*The fear of numbers is called Arithmophobia or numerophobia.
If a teacher asks who likes maths then in most of the class very few hands will
rise. And for some students are treating math as a phobia.
Only who have strong left brain only like math, math is a very hard subject and
complicated and so on…. We will keep this aside and think why very few people
like math and why few students treat math as a phobia. Apart from difficulty level of subject teacher plays a major role in likes and dislikes of particular subject or area.

When I am in primary school I like science more than all the subject, the
reason is my science teacher. I don’t like math up to 9th and from 10th I started to like math again the reason is same. That’s why we say poor teacher tells, good
teacher explains and great teacher inspires.

Great teacher can inspire in such a way that students starts to like a particular subject because of that great teacher.
Irrespective of difficulty level if teacher create interest among the students, then
definitely student will show more interest in math. If some students feels math is a phobia then good math teacher will remove that phobia.
I will try to light on how we can remove math phobia. Teachers main job is to
create interest among the students remaining all will be secondary. Few
students are asking most of the concept we learn in math but that is not
applicable to real life.

So that’s why we have to give more examples in day to day
life while teaching math. For example in your home, one room dimensions are
8 x 10 x 15 feet, then how much grain can be fill in that room completely.
While solving verbal problems some students feels difficulty, to overcome from
this first we have to attract the students.

Instead of taking some unknown names in that verbal problem if we will take our students name only or famous cricketers name or film actors name. For example Rohit Sharma scores 90, 208 & 5 in three matches then what is the mean? So it will attract the students. Later we have to analyse the problem and we to give the solution.
First as a teacher we like our subject, we enjoy the class, automatically students
will show interest in math & there will be no math phobia.

Math phobia


How do you cure math phobia?

Here are few tips to overcome phobia.

  1. The first step is by Acknowledge the math phobia.
  2. Practice math daily
  3. Apply Mathematics in your real life.
  4. Ask questions with your teachers or friends.
  5. Take help from your peers.
  6. Don’t be tension for kind of situation
  7. Take feedback from Teachers and feed forward
  8. Provide good time and space

What are the causes of mathematics phobia?

These are causes of mathematics phobia such as test , examination and nature of mathematics

What is the number one phobia?

Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia) is the number 1 phobia overall .

If you require any further information, let me know in the comments.

The Article Written by

Mr. Mariswamy sir.

M.Sc B.ed

Mathematics Teacher at Reputed School

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Math phobia Causes and remedies Excellent 1
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