Independence Day Speech in English|Speech on Independence Day for college kids and youngsters in English

Independence Day Speech in English | Speech on Independence Day for college kids and youngsters in English

Independence Day Speech: The Independence Day of India marks the liberty of the country from British Empire within the year 1947. Hence to commemorate that glorious day, 15th August of every year is observed as a national holiday in India. Independence Day Speech in English


On the occasion of 75th Indian Independence Day , citizens of the country (India) celebrate by hoisting the tri-colour Indian flag and salute it while singing our national anthem . Military marches and other programs surrounding this big day rekindle the spirit of patriotism in Indians as we celebrate it with many warm regards. Students also can get 11 Lines on Independence Day from here.

Long And Short Speeches on Independence Day for teenagers And Students in English

Independence Day Speech in English of 550 words and.

These speeches are going to be useful for college kids and anyone else who could be required to write down or provides a speech on the occasion of Independence Day of India.

A Long Independence Day Speech is useful to students of classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. A brief Independence Day Speech is useful to students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

75th  Independence Day Speech 550 Words in English

Independence Day Speech in English
Independence Day Speech in English | 75th

Good morning!

Today is an important day of the year for our country because it marks the completion of 75 years of Independence. I doubt hardly any folks present here who was lucky enough to listen to India’s tryst of destiny on the midnight of 15th August of the year 1947.

We might have examine the struggles of Indian men and ladies under British rule and their contribution to bringing this country freedom, but I can assure that only the iceberg’s peak is understood . What we read is incomparable to the sacrifices made and therefore the hardships our ancestors and country people had do undergo for about 190 years.

75th Independence Day Speech in English

The blood of martyrs unless India got freedom wont to haunt the country, but now that very same blood that brought this country freedom is as precious because the blood is being pumped in every Indian at the present.

The celebration of Independence Day is completed quite vastly in India. On today, the cities and our hearts reflect the tri-colour notion of the nation’s flag, and therefore the anthem is often heard from different directions.

Even though Independence Day is observed as a legal holiday but it’s expected of scholars and employees (irrespective of state or private sector) to attend the flag hoisting ceremony persisted the grounds or roof-top.

On Independence Day, schools and colleges organize a special program in conjunction with the flag hoisting ceremony. That function is completed to celebrate the notion of independence and also to pay tribute to the liberty fighters due to whom we will celebrate today.

The functions of 75th Independence Day normally comprise of independence of India concept based skits or plays, speeches by students (pupils) or employees. Other performances on Independence Day event these  are common are recitation, solo ,duet, choir patriotic song singing, dances on the patriotic songs that fill audiences’ hearts with gratitude for the sacrifices made for bringing us freedom.

In the nation’s capital, to be precise in Red Fort, Independence Day is widely known per annum within the presence of political and social dignitaries. They pay their homage to the nation’s superheroes, freedom fighters. The flag of the country is hoisted within the presence of Prime Minister and therefore the President.

Chief Ministers or Governors are present to celebrate Independence Day alongside the citizens of the state during a footing per annum. Independence Day may be a very colourful occasion in India, and on today , parades are organized by the military on Red Road, Delhi, and Kolkata. The tradition of celebrating Independence Day is upheld in India in order that the young generations are conscious of the sacrifices once made to form this country a far better place to measure for them. Also, the youth is formed conscious of the developments that have taken place since India got independence.

In conclusion, bringing independence to India by freeing it from British Rule wasn’t easy. And 15th August of each year is widely known to pay reference to the culmination of struggle, hardships, and sacrifices made by Indians to bring this country freedom.

Jai Hind.

Independence Day Speech in English . HAPPY Independence Day

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75th Independence Day Speech in English For Children

on the occasion of independence day Celebrations..

Respected principal teachers and my dear Friends

Today is a day of great importance to all Indians this is the day

We celebrate our freedom as a nation While we remember those great stalwarts,Who made many sacrifices to make this Freedom Possible for us. we should also pause to reflect on what this freedom.

Means to us and what use we are making of it freedom does not mean that we can do anything we want without regards for others freedom does not mean that we can earn money by hook or by crook or we can indulge in corrupt practices.

Freedom means using the opportunities that our nation provides us to do our best in whatever field we choose so that this great nation prospers.

if every Indian uses his or her freedom to become self-sufficient to work in the service of the poor and helpless to spread an awareness of social and economic justice. then that freedom will have been well used i urge all my fellow students not to misuse this freedom is a gift and must be cherished our forefathers fought bravely to achieve it freedom is the gift to us

let us do them proud and take this nation

forward to the pinnacles of glory

and success

jai hind

Independence Day Speech in English For Children/ kids

A very happy independence day to all of you

we all know that India celebrating its 75th independence day on august 15, 2021.

Today I’m very happy to have the opportunity to express my thoughts on the suspicious occasion of independence day.

independence day is one of the most memorable day in history the day India got liberated from the

British  after 200 years of long struggle and Fight from the British rule India got freedom on 15 august 1947

it’s a day to celebrate our freedom by paying tribute to all the national freedom fighters

who are shown immense love bravery sacrifice patriotism for their mother nation and has gifted us this beautiful India . Mahatma Gandhi are some of the most revered freedom fighters of India after freedom every Indian got basic rights but every human need for the nation and murder land it is the most important day of each and every Indian and this day has already written as the most valuable day of India people celebrate independence day by hosting the national flag and reciting the national anthem India is our motherland and we are the citizen of this country

we should always protect the harmony of our country from the enemy this is our responsibility to lead our country to become the superpower of the world and make it the best

thank you

jai hind

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