Gruhalakshmi Pink Smart Card

Gruhalakshmi Pink Smart Card: Empowering Women Through Financial Aid

The anticipation surrounding the “Gruha Lakshmi Scheme” is reaching new heights as the Congress Guarantee Scheme gears up for its launch on August 27 in Belgaum. This initiative holds promise for a brighter future for women, with the added advantage of a monetary boost. Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Sivakumar recently announced that eligible beneficiaries will receive a sum of Rs. 2000, directly transferred to their accounts.

In a recent video conference presided over by Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Sivakumar, District Collectors and District Panchayat Management Officers were engaged in discussions at Vikas Soudha on Thursday, August 10. Sharing his insights with the media, D.K. Shivakumar revealed that the Grilakshmi Yojana is set to kick-start its journey in Belgaum on August 27. The event will be graced by the presence of eminent Congress leaders, including Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and AICC President Mallikarjuna Kharge, who have been invited to commemorate the occasion.

The grand inauguration of gruha Lakshmi Yojana is scheduled simultaneously across a staggering 11,000 locations throughout the state. These inauguration ceremonies will be held in Gram Panchayats, Municipalities, and Municipal Corporations, underlining the program’s comprehensive reach. The initiative is being driven by appointed Nodal Officers in each Panchayat, and the entire process is executed in a non-partisan manner. Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Sivakumar fervently appealed to all citizens to actively participate in this transformative endeavor.

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Introducing the Gruhalakshmi Pink Smart Card

An exciting addition to the scheme comes in the form of the Pink Smart Card. Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Sivakumar unveiled the model of this card, which will be distributed to beneficiaries of the Grilahakshmi Yojana. Adorned in an elegant shade of pink, this card will be officially released on the inauguration day of the project. The Pink Smart Card contains comprehensive details of the beneficiaries, ensuring a smooth and transparent process. Notably, the card features portraits of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar, and the respective minister, reflecting their commitment to this impactful initiative. The card also boldly displays the sanctioned amount of ₹2000, providing a tangible representation of the assistance provided.

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The Application Process- Gruha Lakshmi pink card

A staggering count of 1.5 crore housewives have already registered for the scheme, emphasizing its widespread appeal and significance. Registration remains an ongoing process, available at any time for those who meet the eligibility criteria. However, for individuals who lack a Below Poverty Line (BPL) or Above Poverty Line (APL) card, a fresh application is necessary. Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar highlighted that such individuals can apply after successfully obtaining a ration card.

Present during the unveiling were Revenue Minister Krishna Bhairegowda and Municipal Administration Minister Rahim Khan, showcasing the collaborative effort to drive this transformative initiative forward.

Accessing the Gruhalakshmi Beneficiary List

For those keen on confirming their eligibility and securing their spot on the Gruhalakshmi beneficiary list, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Visit the official website:
Gruhalakshmi Eligible List
Gruhalakshmi Eligible List
  1. Click on the three horizontal lines on the left side of the homepage.
  2. Select “e-Ration Card” from the options.
  3. Choose “Show Village List” from the menu.

Steps to Confirm Eligibility

  1. Select your district, taluk, and village panchayat.
  2. Click on “Go” to proceed.

The website will then display a comprehensive list of ration card holders within your village. This list will include details such as the ration card number, name, address, card type, and number of family members. Eligible householders in this list will be entitled to receive the Rs. 2000 assistance. Be sure to verify if your name appears on this list to avail the benefits.

For additional verification, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the link:
  2. Select your district.
Gruhalakshmi Eligible List 2023 in Karnataka
  1. Enter your ration card number.
  2. Click “Submit” to proceed.

The provided information will confirm your eligibility for the Gruhalakshmi scheme’s benefits.


The impending launch of the Gruhalakshmi Pink Smart Card and its associated scheme signifies a significant stride towards the financial upliftment of women. By providing both aid and empowerment, the government is taking commendable steps to bring about positive change. As we eagerly await the launch on August 27, it’s a reminder of the transformative potential of such programs in shaping a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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FAQs- Gruhalakshmi Pink Smart Card

When will the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme be launched?

The scheme is scheduled for launch on August 27 in Belgaum.

How will beneficiaries receive the Rs. 2000 benefit?

The amount will be directly transferred to the house owner’s account.

How can individuals without a BPL or APL card apply?

Such individuals can apply after obtaining a ration card.

What is the significance of the Pink Smart Card?

The Pink Smart Card serves as a unique identification for beneficiaries and displays crucial details, including the sanctioned amount.

What is the primary objective of the Gruhalakshmi scheme?

The scheme aims to financially empower women and provide them with essential assistance.

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