Crop insurance 2024 Starting Agricultural Crop Insurance Application! Here is the notified crop list

Crop insurance 2024 Starting Agricultural Crop Insurance Application! Here is the notified crop list
Crop insurance 2024 Starting Agricultural Crop Insurance Application! Here is the notified crop list

Monsoon Crop Insurance Application for 2024-25 Insurance registration for all crops.
The temperature of the sun is decreasing from year to year. The backbone of our country is a farmer, and he has rain. He is expecting rain to grow the crop. Farmers (Farmers) have many schemes from the government as such rains fall on the ground. In this regard, the Government of Karnataka has suggested that the Crop Insurance be registered for monsoon crops in 2024 -25. What is crop insurance? Which crops are insured? Come on.

What is a crop insurance scheme?

In India, 60 per cent of families rely on agriculture. But sometimes the natural disasters, such as overcrowding, uniqueness, earthquakes, and tsunami, they lose their crops. Many farmer families fall into the streets without the burden of debt. The state and central governments have implemented a PM Phasal Bhima (PM Phasal Bhima) in a ratio of 50:50 in terms of helping farmers.

The government has now allowed all farmers to pay crop insurance for 2 per cent of the Bhima Scheme.

What kind of natural disasters can be taken advantage of this insurance:

The crops will be protected for crops until farmers are sown after sowing crop insurance registration. Farmers are given the financial security of crop insurance for crop losses, including natural disasters such as excessive rain and drought.

MANSOON Crop Insurance List of Monsoon Crop Insurance

A visit to the Conservation website should be given to see the last dates for the district released by the government.

After visiting the website (website), you have to choose the year on the home page.
In the option you should choose 2024 25 and click on the option of Kharif in the season.
In the end of the farmer’s column, you will get a list of the last dates for the district.

What documents are required to apply ?:

  • Peasantry
  • Land -letter
  • Bank Pass Book
  • Fruits id number

What to do if there is no interest in crop insurance?

The scheme is mandatory for farmers who have borrowed crop loans, but the farmers who have obtained the loan are not interested in making this insurance. If you do this, they will leave your plan.

Which crop will get insurance registration:

Under the Fasal Bima scheme of the Karnataka Farmers’ Surakshakha, the village panchayat, paddy, maize and hobby -level crops such as corn, millet, sausage, novelty, bean, bean, sunflower, sesame, cotton, groundnut, onion, red chilli crops can be insured.


July 15 is the last day of August 16 to insure paddy, tomatoes, millet, beans, groundnuts and sapling crops.


Farmers can make this crop insurance at their nearest bank, general service center, Karnataka One and Village One centers. Farmers can contact the nearest Farmer Contact Center or Assistant Director’s Office if they need more information. If you need a mobile number of your district crop insurance company, you can call 18001801551 free helpline number.

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